Sunday, 19 March 2017

House of the Scorpion Verse Gattaca

The protagonists, there what makes a story click, your supposed to fall in love with these characters. Naturally, these characters have some of the same traits, determined, strong and likable. Though each protagonist has differences making them unique and keeping stories interesting. In 1997 a movie named Gattaca, it had a main character who live based around being different, then in 2003 House of the Scorpion was released and was filled with so many different aspects. Matteo Alacran versus Vincent Anton Freeman.

Both of these characters had their personality's and chose their paths, though there very much the same. They both live in there on respective universe's yet there the same. In both worlds their outcasts, Matt is discriminated because he is a clone, while Vincent is a so-called "invalid." Everyone in these worlds views them as different, and in both, in the end, they are accepted for how they are. Both were willing to do anything to fit in and become standard, though Vincent went to a more extreme. He not only took the identity if someone, Jerome, but he also became a high-level employee of one of the biggest space company. While Matt only ran away. They are different, though; Matt is determined to prove to everyone that he is as smart as them and what's to be the same. Vincent only wants to go to space and follow his dreams, to live normally.

There were also side characters are somewhat the same, in both pieces of fiction. Maria and Irene, the two love interests of the main characters, each have their experiences. For Maria, the fact she loved Matt was a "sin" and was dismissed, but for Irene, it was a lie, and she was unaware of Vincent's state. Though these two characters are also very different, Maria has been with Matt from the beginning and has stood by him through high and low; she slowly came to like him. Irene had a very different attitude to Vincent when she found out his secret, she ran away and believed he was horrible. Both had their way of thinking about different thing, but there were also the same.

In both Gattaca and House of the Scorpion have their characters that make it unique and great, these characters are the same but yet very different. If you look at many films, you can see many of the same kinds of characters.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

Welcome viewers to my blog, today post will be a lot more serious than my other posts. I will be writing about Celia and “coyotes” as well as some real issues.

“And one day I met a coyote… No darling. A man who take people over the border…” (Page. 142) This quote is referring to a part of the book when Celia is explaining how she got to Opium. Celia’s hometown was poor, and she had little money, and like many of her friends, she was searching for a new, better life. Her home was called a rats nest, she packed all of her stuff and risked her life to find a better one. Many people in this time have to do the same thing, war, plague and poverty have caused millions of people to flee, you don’t just leave everything unless you have to. After telling Matt about coyotes, Celia then began to explain her life back in their town, from what she says it is clear that people like her are taking advantage of “I packed everything I owned… about twenty of us crossed the mountain, and that’s where the coyote abandoned us… The farm patrol was waiting at the foot of the mountains.” When they were nearing the end of their journey, they were left by their “guide” to be taken by farm patrols, to become eejits and slaves.

Imagine your entire world being flipped upside down; you have to pack as much stuff as you can in a single suitcase and leave your home. For some people, every day is an eternal strife with death. With war, poverty, and suffering at many people's doorsteps, many communities have fled their country in search for a better life for their children and themselves. With civil war erupting in Syria many people have tried to escape, so far there is almost five million refugee’s, and the number is expected to grow. The Mediterranean migrant crisis has produced a very high casualty toll, nearly 3800 people have drowned because of selfish smugglers and desperation. “They have no choice. They are Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, escaping war. They are Nigerians and Eritreans in search of a better life.” (CNN) These people want to find freedom from war, but in many cases, they are treated poorly by the government. An excellent example of this is President Donald Trump travel ban, many of the people it is affecting are just looking for a better life, but instead, they denied access because of a particular group of people.

The journeys these people take are very different and varies quite a bit. From traveling dozens of kilometers on foot to sailing on rickety boats, these trips are dangerous. People work there way up from city to city until they get to a safe place. As referenced earlier a very high casualty toll has been set in the Mediterranean in 2017, this is not a record any place would like to set. At least 3,800. Which is about 90 a week. Nearly 13 every day. Despite the United States taking 10,000 refugees, Canada taking 25,000 and Germany taking close to one million. The number of people needing a place to call home only seems to increase.

Here is a site if you would like to donate to this cause:


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Matt's Worldview!

Hello, audience today I'm going to be talking about Matt's worldview. If you don't worldview is click this link As the story has progressed so has Matt ideas and worldview, he has many ideas and thoughts. The worldview's that has had the most influence on Matt has been view of human nature and equality with others. If you have read my previous post which I highly suggest you should you will know I have already touched on one of these subjects. So I will be starting there at equality with others, in my previous post, I talked about discrimination.

Matt's life has been hard for him, he has been abused in different ways. This has caused him to view everyone as greater than him. He strives to surpass all the people that have told him he can't do something or acted superior to him because he's a clone. Matt has always been a person that thinks should treat him the same as everyone else and is willing to fight for this. But this way of thinking has become a problem because it interferes with his other main worldview. View of human nature...

Matts life has been a rollercoaster, of betrayal and lies. When he was young people always assumed Matt was bad and he assumed he was good. Later in life, though this is the same individuals still dislike him, but he now thinks of himself as superior. El Patron, a name brought many times in this category. Matt's early thoughts on this man are good, he cares about and enjoys being around El Patron. So Matt believed he was good and that he loved Matt, but as released later in the book this is not El Patron's thoughts. Matt's view changes after El Patron's betrayal, he starts to think everyone is after him and he can't trust anyone. It's, not just El Patron that has changed Matt's worldview it's Maria as well. Maria has been back and forth with her options on Matt causing him to think he was not needed and useless.

Matt has changed drastically throughout his book so far, and probably will as the book goes on. He has always had the drive to be better than everyone else and has had very different outlooks throughout the fantastic book.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Caregiving: The Best Gift Of All

Throughout people's young and old lives there is normal someone there to take care of them. A caregiver is someone that looks after you and supports you, this kind of people come in many forms like teachers, parents, guardians and sometimes older siblings.  Having someone to take care of you is very important for the development of a young child and the health of older adults. Without caregivers, there are no role models for this young child which can lead to diverse social issues; I will be talking about later.

If you haven't read my last two posts, I suggest that you read them before continuing this one as it will gibe you some insight into this next paragraph. The House of the Scorpion connects to this on a surprising level. Matt's first six years his caretaker was one of the cooks from the big house, Celia's. It's obvious that she cares about him show by this quote from the books: “I love you more than anything in the world,” The woman said quickly” Page. 13 (Celia speaking to Matt). She taught him many valuable skills that he needed later in his life. “At my house, he chattered away like a tree full of birds. And he can read both English and Spanish.” Page. 57 (Celia).

He also has two more caregivers El Patron and Tam Lin. El Patron is difficult as he is a caregiver to Matt but has some grey areas. “Anyone--anyone--who harms Matt will be dealt with severely. Do I make myself clear?” (El Patron page. 63). He has uplifted Matt in many ways and is a major role model for him (considering he's El Patron's clone it makes sense). He helps Matt in many ways, but he also has caused him many problems,  his uses his authority to control people and exploit them. Matt has taken this and used it poorly, at El Patron's birthday he's abused this power on his friend Maria. El Patron is one of though characters that you can't tell if he is helping or not. Tam Lin physically protects Matt as his bodyguard and is one of his good friends. "You're bright as a button, lad," said Tam Lin" Page. 82 (Tam Lin to Matt)

People need those caregivers to live correctly, Matt for six months of his life he was keep locked up in a cage, and because of this, he lost his ability of speech. Overall people need these people.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Matt The Victim?

Hello audience, today will be my second post on my novel study. If you follow my blog you will know that my class has started a novel study on the book "The House of the Scorpion" and so far we are 101 pages in. This book follows the story of a boy named Matt who is a clone of a powerful drug lord, it's about his struggles in society as a clone. With complex issues and deep subjects, this book is confusing but very powerful. So let's take a look at this futuristic society!

Matt’s struggles revolve around him being a clone, people view him as an animal and most refuse to associate themselves with him. From keeping him locked up in a cage, to comparing him to a beast, it becomes clear that matt is not welcome in this world. The book makes it quite clear that matt that is brilliant in many ways. He excels in his study and work and yet he is still treated like a beast. It really is discrimination, many real world conflicts have been based around this topic. First, we need to know what discrimination is, discrimination is when people judge groups by one characteristic. In history, this has been about sex, race, and age, but because this book is set in a futuristic world hate is directed to clones.  He's a victim and needs protecting from the varied sources of hate, just to be safe he needs direct orders from El Patron.

“Anyone--anyone--who harms Matt will be dealt with severely. Do I make myself clear?” (El Patron page. 63)

This quote from the book shows the struggle matt has to go through every day. From his early life he was treated differently, at age six he was kept in a chicken coop and given mush by a servant, Rosa. Rosa was the wall that blocked him in his younger days, it slowly changed to tom and the Alcan family. So far in the book he has struggled with proving himself to the world. Discrimination in the real world is a huge problem, just because of a person's shell there treated badly. In any book, you read and anyplace you go there are going to be people that think there superior so all you as a reader can do is to treat everyone the same no matter what.

Friday, 10 February 2017

A Novel Study?

Hello internet, it's time for a novel study. Recently in class, we were notified that we will be changing focus and starting a new novel study. This novel study will be focusing on inquiry and through this project, I will be writing multiple posts so keep on the look out! The book I will be reading is called The House of the Scorpions, this book has won may awards including National Book Award for Young People's Literature and the Newbery Honor award so I will be expecting a good read. For this project, the class is expected to use our critical thinking to explore the bigger picture and clearly understand the author's choices. Be expecting evidence of this in my later blog posts. From just looking at the back of the book I can say I’m very excited, from what I understand it may involve cloning. I have always loved fiction books and I hope this is no exceptions. Normally I only read these books for fun but adding a understand aspect to it should be interesting. I think it will be fun trying to analyse a fiction book, and I think it will also be challenging.

Monday, 24 October 2016

A Better Tommorow

The world can be changed by a single idea, and the one’s who are most influenced are also the future. The world needs a solution, but which is the right one and where’s the evidence.

Recently in class, we watched the film The Little Prince and were presented with the idea that children's whimsical idea should be limited in order to prepare them for real life. This led to a debate about this topic. In this post, I will be talking about this topic and how it affects the world.

The world is massive, and there are millions of people in it. This means that there are many many ways people raise and teach their children. Each way has advantages and disadvantages and can totally change the world around us. There are two ideas about learning that can change the world.

The idea of limiting children's whimsical ideas could improve this world significantly if you limit children's whimsical ideas they can be more productive and effective in this world. Recently, parents have been trusting their children with freedom and choice. In general, they have abused that privilege dramatically, resulting in unsuccessful and ineffective adults, Or even are still living in their parent's basements.

With this idea, the world would be a smarter place it would be more productive in the basics, but it would be extremely dull and the world would not progress in technology and research.

There is a flip to this, a world when no idea is limited, were no creation ban. A world where whimsical ideas are promoted not banned. The world needs creativity. Without it the world would never change, never grow, never expand. There are so many jobs that involve creativity, The world is shaped by this. People may say that kids need to be taught strictly so they can get good jobs and be successful, this is a lie. artist, author,  Architect even businessmen need creativity approaches to problems. Kids want a change in this world. They don’t accept the world, they create it.

In the end, you need both creativity and strict rules. I say that we need both for the world to work effectively, I’m not on either side of this idea I believe that there's is no right or wrong side. Without each other, the world would slowly diminish. This world needs creativity to develop and produce a better tomorrow but they need smarts and strict rule to get us there. The world needs a balance, to build a bridge you need creativity to come up with the design and academics to figure out how it will work. As  Edwin Land said “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail”